Best and Easiest way to learn stenography

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Shorthand is different in different languages, for example, English shorthand, Punjabi shorthand, Hindi shorthand etc. To learn shorthand is not a very big deal. You need a good tutor and zeal to learn. Teachers of Master Stroke Education teach you the best way to learn stenography and consider it as the best stenography coaching institute in Dehradun.

  1. Prepare the list of words you want to write in shorthand

  2. You need at least 4 months for theory and 2 months of practice.

  3. Take time to practice daily and the more you practice, the better the speed would be.

  4. Choose from a wide range of topics as they vary from too technical to legal or too fast, so you can get maximum practice results.

The idea of learning shorthand is to be able to take notes swiftly and be able to translate them accurately. The reason people study a system is that it has been tested to cover all situations, and a distinctive system you develop might miss certain points or be hard to understand, especially when you read it after days or weeks later.

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