students of master stroke education the best computer institute in dehradun


Today, computers are used in more environments and for more functions than ever before, and their use is only expected to increase. It is key for job applicants to obtain computer training to make themselves more valuable to possible employers and to obtain higher-paying jobs. Computer skills are a basic requirement for a large number of jobs.

Almost any office/Company job you apply for will require you to acquire basic computer skills. Most office work requires job applicants to be familiar with office production software as well, such as word processors and spreadsheet programs. Master Stroke Education is one of the best institute for computer training in dehradun which gives you the best practical knowledgein the computer field.


Computer training is an important factor in 21st century workplaces. Computers are related to many fields like engineering, education, business, banking sectors, health as well as medicine.In the business world, computers are playing a great role. They are used to word processing, record keeping, stock marketing, inventory controlling, patrol processing, account keeping, auditing, and ticket reservations. As an industry in itself, computer technology also creates jobs in new fields like programming, computer-aided design and animation, Internet marketing and online publishing.

Computer education is the need of the hour. We provide courses for DTP and Office management tasks. Master Stroke Education became the best computer institute in dehradun. Employers of DTP operators including publishing, graphic design, advertising, visual communication, promoting, printing and reprographics organizations. Some DTP operators are independently or self-employed. Although employment work openings are expanding, the job market is still very competitive.

Experienced DTP operators working for huge associations might be promoted to progressively senior positions such as shift leader or supervisor.

Now govt also focused on promoting computer based programs.Today's modern era and the age to come will depend on the computer in every way. The Courses we have designed have produced quick results in terms of learning and selections. Master Stroke Education offers you the best computer course in dehradun with minimum fees structure, get higher computer education from the best institute for stenography course and top institute for computer training in dehradun.


Private Sector-

  • Personal Secretaries or Assistant to high profile people.
  • Office Assistants, Private Banks, Typists and Back office Managers.
  • News Agencies/ Media channels.
  • Airline, IT Sectors, Hotel Jobs.
  • Computer Operator.

Government Sector (Central Government and State Government)-

Every year the government offers various recruitments to the computer field in the following departments and various others.
  • Railway.
  • DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organization)
  • ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization)
  • Government Bank
  • High Courts/Session Courts.
  • Other Government Sectors