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Shorthand is a compendium of symbolic writing method which is used for increasing speed of writing as compared to traditional way of writing. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography. Shorthand consists a strong systematic system of symbols or abbreviations for general alphabets, words and common phrases. Which helps one to write as fast as people can speak.

Shorthand is considered as an essential part of secretarial training, journalism, courts and private offices.

Shape and sizes of strokes

Shorthand is based on the geometrical shapes. Those shapes are in the form of circles, semi-circles, curves and straight lines placed strictly horizontally, vertically or diagonally according to fixed and defined directions.

Role of Shorthand

Usually often people think that it’s outdated and irrelevant and wastage of time in front of sophisticated technologies and recording equipment but if you ask any reporter in parliament, stenographer in high court and journalist at the time of noting down the speech of any high profile politician or Prime Minister, they will explain you how vital the skill is to be able to carry out their day to day job. In addition, recording instruments are banned in courtrooms so that stenographers and journalists have to use shorthand in the courts to report on events.We provide quality education which helps in development of your skills and we are considered as the best shorthand institute in dehradun.

This is the only profession which is least affected with the advent of technology. Because this is the profession where we should be able to translate English, Hindi or any regional language known as shorthand and then reconvert it into the original language with a speed of minimum 80 words per minute or more than it as required.

Stenographers are required at every that place where spoken words have to be documented as such. So, there is high demand of stenographers in almost all the fields such as- Court, press meetings, all central and state government offices, a secretary or assistant to CEO’s in companies. Personal secretary to high profile people like Doc., politicians, officers etc.

Thus, the work of stenographers is of utmost importance.Join Master Stroke Education to give your fantasies a flight and get higher education,and become a part of the best english shorthand institute in dehradun and best hindi shorthand institute in dehradun.

Job opportunities in the field of stenography

Private Sector-

  • News Agencies/ Media channels.
  • Personal Secretaries or Assistant to high profile people.
  • Office Assistants, Typists and Back office Managers.

Government Sector (Central Government)-

Every year SSC offers various recruitments to the stenographers in the following departments and various others.
  • CBI.
  • State of External affairs.
  • IFS.
  • Intelligence Bureau.
  • CAG.
  • Customs Excise & Service Tax.
  • President’s Secretariat .
  • Income Tax etc..

Government Sector ( State Government)-

  • State Government Secretariat .
  • State Revenue Dept.
  • Chief Minister Office.
  • Tourism Office.
  • HRD Dept. etc..

Other than above vacancies Paramilitary forces such as BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, NSG, SSB also recruit stenographers for their official works.

Reporters in High Courts/Session Courts.

Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) is one of the highest post in stenograraphy.